My Life

  • Birth

    Jett pops into the world. He's missing a few fingers on his left hand. Oh well.


  • Chaos

    Jett crashes and burns his way through infancy. He escapes with scars, surgery, and some root canals. Nice.


  • Tinkering

    Jett thinks he's a big boy. He fashions rubber bands, straws, and paperclips into 'inventions'.


  • The Naive Grad

    Jett graduates elementary school. He doesn't understand what the big deal is. Yay. 2*3. So what?


  • + Lady

    Jett snags a lady. Cool.


  • - Lady

    Jett loses his lady. Not so cool. It's the 7th grade and he can finally write sentences worth reading.


  • The Bus

    Jett begins high school while in the eighth grade. He only sits on the left side of the bus, but he's somehow voted 'Best All Around' by his middle school. There must be a mistake.


  • Sports and Code

    Jett drowns his way onto the varsity water polo team. He sucks, but he tries. Jett always tries. He also begins to code w/ J.B.


  • Bloody Boy

    Jett swings his way through a sophomore slump. His arm spurts blood all over the freshly varnished gym floor. Nice. A romance with physics begins.


  • Sweaty Savage Boy

    Jett finds himself at the bottom of a pile of sweaty teenagers-- league champs baby. The very next day, he gives a three sentence speech for ASB president. Savagery.


  • Theoretically Athletic

    Jett starts playing five varsity sports. He's chosen as his high school's athlete of the year. This time, there must really be a mistake.


  • Naive Graduate pt. 3

    Jett graduates highschool while on the toilet. The power of zoom is w/ him. Oh no... He's elected athlete of the year again. What are these people #smokin'? College hits him like a freight train.


  • Jett Thinks

    Jett thinks he's an author and writes a book. He also thinks he's a researcher, so he secures funding for manipulating the brain.