Present Jett


A few things I'm making...

Creating close

A Book

Currently revising my first book. Will be released by the end of May.


Checkout my videos page here.

A blog on blockchain and biotechnology.
Allows users to buy crypto w/ a debit card.
Super Duper Card
A (proof of concept) prepaid stock card.

A few things I'm thinking about...

Thinking close

Mind Controlled Keyboard

15,000 lines of code and four months deep into a more efficient BCI keyboard. The end goal (which should be achieved soon) is users being able to type with their mind.

Checkout the proposal that was sponsored by Carnegie Mellon here.

Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet

Will be conducting research this summer on a biometric secure hardware wallet. If successful, this wallet will enable real time transactions (like tap-to-pay) while ensuring private key integrity.

Checkout the proposal (still in limbo) here.


Where I'm going and what I'm doing...

Exploring close

Where and What
Camping in the jungle and snorkeling the aqua waters when school gets out.
Palos Verdes
Currently going on long bike rides through the rolling hills and hopping into the cove.
The Sky
Jumping out of a plane before my 19th birthday.
Traveling out of the country before the end of 2021.

Here's how we usually do it:

We keep it cheap, with any costs covered by investments.