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Spiritual Warfare

Read in a day. Ponder for a lifetime.

Part self reflection and part social reflection, Spiritual Warfare examines what we do and why. In addition to reconsidering the contracts we make with ourselves and others, Jett Hays explores the purpose of higher education, alternative voting systems, blockchain, and much much more.

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Spiritual Warfare

We are all in a war against expectations: expectations of who we should be and what we should do. This book sets the spirit free by allowing you (the reader) to understand what you do and why.

Pages: 114

Illustrations: 44

Foreward: Terry Dewan

As part of the book launch, Jett and Jake jumped out a plane. After reading Spiritual Warfare you'll say... "when's the next flight?"

The first step to winning the war against expectations is recognizing that there is no alternative to the life you live.

About the Author

Jett Hays is a part time student, a full time thinker, and an eternal adventurer.